mule variations

Our signature cocktails made with our fresh house-made ginger beer!
Like our ginger beer!? 32oz growlers are $16, refills are only $8!

moscow mule: vodka, ginger beer, and lime $6
dark’n story: black spiced rum, ginger beer, and lime $6
pimm’s cup: pimm’s gin, cucumber, ginger beer, and lime $7
el diablo: tequila, creme de cassis, ginger beer, and lime $7
suffering bastard: brandy, gin, black spiced rum, bitters, ginger beer, and lime $7
cardinal: gin, cherry heering… ginger beer and lime! $8


old fashion: whiskey, sugar, bitters, and orange $7
classic daiquiri: rum, lime, and simple syrup $7
paper tiger: gin, mint shrub, lemon, and a dash of honey. $7
bitter princesa: el jimador reposado, ramazotti, lime, cava $9
boulevardier: buffalo trace, campari, and sweet vermouth $10

happy hour 4-6 daily including weekends!
$6 old fashions, $5 moscow mules, $1 off wells, domestic beer, and snacks.


juanita’s brand chips and salsa $4
warm pistachios $5
soft pretzel sticks (3) and sweet hot mustard $6
pickled herring with toasts $7

-$1 off during happy hour-


served with chips
grilled cheese provolone and swiss. served with tomato soup  $8
grilled french dip roast beef and provolone. served with au jus $9
reuben pastrami, sauerkraut, and swiss. served with mule sauce   $10

-$2 off on sundays-


caesar salad: romaine, pickled radishes, parmesan, & croutons. $7
add anchovies, pickled herring or chinese bbq pork +$3
NACHOS! juanita’s chips, topped with cheddar jack, fresh tomato, jalapenos, green onions, and cilantro. served with salsa and sour cream. $8 add chinese bbq pork $3
white castle sliders (4):your fav from the freezer aisle. nuked, then grilled, and served with mule sauce $7